Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm being Lily Bean-i-fied!

Okay girls....since it appears I'm gettin' rather serious about this "blog" thing, I've followed the lead of my friends at Forever17 and got my hooks into Lily Bean to give my blog some graphic lovemaking. Be patient, Lily's makin' me look awesome and awesome takes time. I mean, do you think Edward's messy mop hair REALLY looks like that without time in the stylist's chair?

While you wait - go watch my rambling, sober YouTube Vlog with my thoughts on New Moon after my fourth showing and the high from premiere night wore off.

See you again soon, after Lily Bean is done with her magic!

Mama Cougar


  1. Woo hoo (or should I growl?!)! Thanks for the shout out, and I'm thrilled you are working with Dana at Lily Bean Designs. Can't wait to see the end results. It's already starting to look purrty ;)


  2. Wow, I thought I got the cringe worthy moment right! No, that Edward comment did not bother me, but I agree with you on all else. Rachelle did not need to say a thing- she kicked ass in NM- I am really going to miss her!
    Havent listened to all of the above video yet as youtube keeps freaking stopping on me! grrrrrrrr Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hey, Mama!! I finally got to see your entire vid! Agreed with almost everything you said...I thought Jasper's and Rosalie's hair was especially cringe-worthy. I didn't realize that Jacob had said something in Quillute (sp?) until the 2nd time I saw it...and by then I'd seen a couple of reviews so I caught it. I thought it didn't make sense...she would have asked "Huh?" if it were real life. Well, maybe not, but still. Why didn't he just say it in English so everyone in the theater didn't go "what'd he just say?"

    Alice's vision sucked big hairy donkey balls. 'Nuff said.

    I really would like to see it another couple of times, but my hubby is NOT Edward and has informed me that there is no chance in hell of him going with me to the movie...I was going to take my two oldest daughters last Sunday, but they behaved so badly that there was no way I could take them. I had to push my disappointment waaaaaaaay back, when I told them their punishment was to not see the movie, because those kids are like animals...they would have sensed any weakness and I would have caved...(would that have been such a bad thing?) As a mom, a fan, no. *sigh* Maybe next weekend.