Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nuckin' Futs

I have officially lost my already-screwed-up-from-too-many-Everclear-Jello-shots-in-college MIND. My muscles are twitching underneath my skin and I'm squirming in my office chair like a toddler enjoying the feel of a fresh mess in their Blue's Clues Underoos. Long & short? I am a certifiable, committable pile of fuckin' NUTS. And if you have to ask why, you're dead to me.

THESE right here, are worth more to me today than:

1 - the entire contents of my numerous Swiss bank accounts
2 - the balance on my Victoria's Secret credit card
3 - that awesomesauce neumatic wine bottle opener I want from Sharper Image
4 - all the tea nuclear arms in China
5 - I'd say my firstborn child, but she reads this shizznit, so I won't (***coughfirstbornchildcough***)


She ain't all that cute anyway, right?

Anyway....I'm just checking in with you all to let you know that I have no energy to be witty or funny today. NONE.AT.ALL. In fact, I am only participating in "real life" today inasmuch as is necessary to maintain my facade of sanity and keep me outpatient from the psych ward so I can:


And yes....I'll review it, but I'm not deluding myself that I'll be coherent enough to do it via the written word. You'll just have to tune in to my YouTube Channel to watch me go all batshit fangirl.

The Cougar's Den on YouTube

Mama Cougar

PS. The Twibernation is SO OVER.


  1. MAMA C!

    Sorry to tell you but, you were funny and witty ANYWAY!

    I am feeling the same way bb!!!

    I almost feel bad that I'm excited that my boss is out sick so I can do NOTHING!


    Can't wait!
    Love your ass!!!

  2. I hear you! I can barely freaking type I'm so excited!!

    Gaaah! Can't. wait.

  3. Well said! OMG will this day never end.

    See you soon!

  4. Mama C, it's almost time!!! Huge frickin' SQUEEEE! I've officially lost it.