Monday, December 28, 2009

Mama's got a brand new Den!

Yeah, I know....I know. I've been gone. Absent. Unaccounted for. MIA. AWOL.

Where have I been, you ask? It's a simple call of nature my bloggy friends. It's animal instinct, no sense in fighting it.

I am a Cougar.

It's winter.

I hate fucking winter.

What do warm blooded, forest dwelling, Twilight-obsessed mammals DO in the winter?

We Twibernate.

For the last two weeks, I've been curled up on my futon wrapped in my Edward blankie,

Wearing my new hoodie:

reading Fanfics & Twiporn and scanning the interwebz, poised to pounce on any teeny, tiny amount of Twilight related info, including but not limited to Robsten's holiday plans, New Moon box office news, Eclipse info, Justin Chon's second cousin's Korean birthday party...hell, at this point I'm scraping the bottom of the Twi-Coke bag people! This post New Moon drought has left a painful, aching void in my life and I'm desperate to fill it.

As a sort of therapy, I banished my son to a vacant basement bedroom and turned his former room into my new den. Whenever I start to feel withdrawls, I retire to my little slice of heaven on earth and listen to my scores & soundtracks on repeat:

or I watch my collection of Rob & Kristen's "other movies":

or I recruit some poor sap to play one of my Twilight games, play with my Cullen Car Collection, and in moments of total desperation, I read my magazines and Twilight books, AGAIN.

I'm even debating adding a mini-fridge for my wine and the new beer hubby bought me to try:

Hell, last night, the withdrawls were so bad, I just sat there all Bellatonic as the words "January", "February", and "March" encircled my head! You think I'm fucking kidding, right?


I need a distraction people, and NO, I don't want to eat pizza in my garage and rebuild two-wheeled death machines with a stacked 17-year-old.*

All I know is that this Twi-drought had better end soon, or I may resort to diving off my roof into the damn snow drifts in the hope that my brain will freeze and be cryopreserved until Spring, or at least until the Twi-crack flows freely once again.

Find me on Twitter, because Mama needs some help.

*I would however, consider ANY activity in my garage or elsewhere that includes a certain 23-year-old with facial scruff, unruly hair and delightfully nommable happy trail.


  1. LOL! Love the new den!! I got that same blanket for Christmas from my oldest niece and her husband :)

    I feel your pain, but I'm finding a little solace by immersing myself in Remember Me goodness. (Thus, my post for today.)

    Wish we could get together for a game day/night. I don't have anyone at home who wants to play my Twilight Scene It DVD Games with me. They say they can't compete. Can't imagine that! I even loaded one on my iPod Touch.

    Back to Twitter . . .


  2. Hey Mama! Lovin' the new den. I fucking hate winter too. If it were up to me I would ACTUALLY hibernate! Eat all Summer and Fall and sleep all winter! I am looking forward to Remember Me in an effort to get past the post New Moon Drought, as well.

  3. love the den (and the decor, natch!) - i feel your pain, too... i think we need to round up some folks to play scene it online or something because the general cry i am hearing is "nobody will play with me!!" - lol! i haven't even tried but other than jenny i can't imagine that anyone would step up (er, and i can't blame them).

    : )

  4. @STY - If you can figure out a way to do that, I'm in!!!!!

  5. Totally down with Drunk Twilight Scene It online with fellow TwiBeotches. Figga that shit out STY. Either that, or y'all are welcome in the den. The cover charge is one bottle of Moscato D'Asti. I'll supply the mushroom ravioli and the sparkly peen.

  6. Fabulous new den Mama C! I too am in for the online Drunk Twilight Scene It. I'll bring the chocolate!

  7. I bow down to the gloriousness of Mama Cougar's den. It is pure wonderment!